Top 10 Evergreen Tea Tree Oil Uses, Benefits & Precaution

What is Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also called melaleuca oil.It is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor and a color is pale yellow.Historically, the leaves were used as a substitute for tea, which is how the tea tree oil got its name.Tea oil is driven from the leaves of the tea tree and  named by 18th-century sailors growing on the swampy southeast .Hence Do not confuse the tea tree with the unrelated common tea that is used to making black & Green tea.First of all, we talk about Tea tree Oil Uses & Benefits.

Tea tree oil uses & Benefits 

  • For Acne-One of the most common tea tree oil uses is in skin care product, as it considered one of te most effective home remedies for acne.
  • Tea tree oil uses for hair- Tea tree oil is very beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp.Ability to remove dandruff and soothe dry flaking skin, add a 5-6 drop of tea tree oil with your oil.

 Tea Tree Oil Uses
  • For chicken pox- Blend a few drop of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and use a cotton swap to apply the oil two or three times a day.
  • For oral Health- Tea tree Oil has an ability to kill the bad bacteria at the same time soothe the inflamed skin. to reduce the bleeding of gum and tooth decay.mixed tea tree oil with coconut oil and baking soda for homemade toothpaste.
  • Tea tree oil probably helps to reduce corn.
  •  Gives relief from itching and rashes.
  • Prevent from Insects bites.

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  • Firstly for nail fungal 100% Tea Tree oil is solution apply twice a day.
  • Secondly, for Acne 5% Tea tree oil gel applied daily.

Precaution of Tea tree oil

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – Especially avoid using tea tree oil during pregnancy.
 Tea tree oil is possibly safe when applied to the skin. However, it is Unsafe if taken by mouth, ingestion of tea tree oil can be toxic.

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