Places To Visit In Lonavala, Sightseeing And Things To Do In Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station near Pune in MAharasthra. Every year thousand of visitor visit the place. It’s just a journey of 1 hour 30 minutes from Pune and from Mumbai it takes 2 Hour,so it’s a common picnic spot for teenagers along with their family and friends hang out with  during the weekends. Lonavala is not  famous for a place it is also famous for “chikki”which are available in different flavor include chocolate,cashew nuts,coconuts and strawberry chikki. Cooper’s Fudge and Maganlal very well know for chikki. If you are fond of sweets then Lonavala won’t disappoint you.

The best time to visit the place is during Monsoon. Reaching Lonavala from Pune is quite flexible . You can either hire a cab or you can come by bike. I along with my friend went there and it’s not wrong to say that hanging out with the friend is  extremely fun. We started our journey early in the morning. We went by Scotty and entire journey what we did was singing the song,taking pictures and admire the beauty of the place and that’s how we reached Lonavala.

Places to Visit in Lonavala

  1. Bushi Dam– This dam is located a few km from Lonavala and its very popular dam in Lonavala. When the bushi dam overflow,the water flows over the series of step and then over some easily accessible rock terrain. The terrain and water combination is awesome you can play with water and sit on stairs. Bhushi dam is so commercialized that to the extent  few dozen shops in the small area selling to corn,pakora,tea etc.Places To Visit In Lonavala

Places To Visit In Lonavala2.Tiger Point– Tiger point is very beautiful landscape which stands at the height of  750 m.  If you look closely, you can see the impression of the tiger trying to leap it across. Which is why the vintage earns this name.During monsoon, a small waterfall is formed closely to this point.Places To Visit In Lonavala-Tiger point4.Lonavala Lake– This is also known as monsoon lake . Because this lake is filled with water only in monsoon time. Near to this lake, you can see multiple species of birds and animal hear. You can take hookahs here. It is cool place and experience are quite unique too.lonavala-lake-Places To Visit In Lonavala

 5-Bhaja Caves– Bhaja caves are amongst the most ancient Buddha center among the world. They were over 2100 years old. The 22 rock cut cave display the sculpture of a  dancing couple,an armed worrier and a prince seated on an elephant. Since the cave faced on the west you can have a great view of caves after 3. The cave in evening for the perfect photo session. Last place we visited in Lonavala and true sense the best way to end the trip. At 7 Pm we left for Pune and 8:30 we reached Pune.




Weekend at Lonavala & Places to Visit

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