Benefits of Onion juice for Hair Growth-An Inexpensive Way to Promote Hair Growth

When you find your hair more on floor and comb than on your head.Did you ever think how would you look if this hair fall will continue for a long time There are lots of reason for hair falls like poor diet, scalp infection, stress and excess use of a chemical? so it better to choose  One very good option is Onion Juice for hair growth and also onion is good for hair loss treatment.Onion is not just the healthy vegetable.benefits of onion juice for hair growth are endless.
Onion is rich in sulfur and sulfur is one of the main building blockers for hair instead of that onion is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium.Onion also has anti-bacterial that help in scalp infection property and also improve blood circulation.

Benefits of onion Juice for hair-

1- Cure Scalp Infection.
2-Remove Dandruff.
3-Helps in Hair Growth.
4-Reduce Hair-Fall.

5-Nourishes Hair.

How To Prepare onion juice for hair –

  • First of all peel, the onions chop them into small piece.
  • Another put into the juicer and squeeze the juice.
  • Massage the juice into your scalp.
  • Finally, Leave it at least 15-30 min.After that wash with shampoo.

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  1.  Garlic juice can also be added with onion juice.Garlic juice is also a rich source of sulfur.
  2.  If you are not able to tolerate the smell of onion you may add Honey.




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