Homemade Hair Mask for thick and strong Hair-Natural Beauty Tips

We often see our hair as the reflection of our personal as well as public identity.Many women feel that a bad hair is equal to a bad day. The value of hair is unquestionable and it directly reflects  the self-confidence and mood. When hair starts falling women often feel sad and helpless.Many of us are looking for a potion that will transform our hair into a silky and healthy hair.So what are you waiting for, here is a solution HAIR MASK. Basically a blend of 3 different oil- Castor oil, Almond oil, and Sesame oil.

What is hair mask

 The hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment for hairs. It moisturizes hair, prevents freeze and breakage of hair.This mask is useful for all types of hair
Homemade Hair Mask

Benefits of Homemade Hair Mask

  1. Split Ender :Homemade hair mask help to prevent splitting. In this winter month, your hair will get more splitting and frizzy.This hair mask gives protection to your hair.
  2. Promotes hair growth– Mask increases the scalp circulation as it has a high penetrate, thereby promotes hair growth.
  3. Protects Hair from harmful sunlight-Applying this mask in scalp will prevent damages caused by ultraviolet rays.Mask form a protective coat around the hair protecting it from harmful rays  and also save it from the damage of pollution.
  4. Prevents hair loss.
  5. Rough hair can be softened and manageable because of its conditioning property.
  6. Lastly strengthening the hair shafts by the root and promote new hair growth.

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HOW TO PREPARE HAIR MASK- Take 100 ml of each oil and put in a bottle and mix  it properly. Direction to use: Apply hair mask at  the root and massage it properly. To maintain healthy hair use this mask at least ones a week. In the case of heavy hair fall use twice a week.Massage it minimum 5 minutes better apply at night and leave it at morning wash it with luke water. To know the Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera For Skin, Hair, and Health Click Here


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