Which Type of Rice Is More Nutritious & Healthiest Rice to Eat

Love to eat rice but worried about WEIGHT???

 There are the different type of healthiest rice to eat available in the market. But rice has 240 calories per cup. To reduce calories use  one teaspoon of  coconut oil for cooking. Then cool it for 12 hours in the fridge.This will  reduce the calories up to 60% .This method increases the amount of  resistance starch in the rice.

Resistance Starch  is indigestible to the  human body so rice is not converted into sugar or fat. But you will get a feeling of fullness & reduce overall hunger.This method will help you to maintain your weight.


  • BROWN RICE – Brown rice is the rich source of Manganese,Selenium,Rich in antioxidant. It helps in weight reduction and also slows down the releasing of sugar.The antioxidants in brown rice are same as antioxidants in blueberry and strawberry.So we can say that this the best rice to eat and many of people are using this rice only.
  • BLACK RICE – Black rice is the Best rice to eat for  Diabetes and Alzheimer’s patients.The anti-inflammatory properties antioxidant properties are present in black rice. Healthiest Rice to Eat
  • RED RICE-Red rice is the healthiest rice to eat for anemia patients. It helps to keep Iron count normal . It also contains vitamin B6,  which is important to balance the Red Blood Cells.
Healthiest Rice to Eat

  • BAMBOO RICE– Bamboo rice is best rice for health which does not contain any fat. This can be beneficial if you are dieting.Bamboo rice is low in calories.It has the high level of potassium.It lowers cholesterol level, improves digestion.
Healthiest Rice to Eat

WHITE RICE– White rice is very common rice used moat of the parts in India.White rice  helps in revealing digestive disorder such as diarrhea, dysentery, colitis and morning sickness.

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Conclusion for healthiest rice to eat

– As we see that there are the different type of best rice to eat with different nutrition benefits.Rice also helps to fight against the disease.How we can cut the rice calories up to 60%.

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