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Coorg is also known as Kodagu. Coorg is located on the eastern slopes of beautiful western ghats of India. It’s a beautiful hill station 250 km from Bangalore and 1525 above sea level.Coorg is famous for coffee plantation. The coffee estate here produces some of the world’s best coffee. Coorg is also known as Scotland of India.

 Best time to visit Bangalore to Coorg-

October to March is the best time to visit Coorg.Try to avoid between the end of  June and September. Be sure to pack umbrella while visiting any time of the year. The heavens have an unpredictable way od pouring down when you least expect it.
There are a number of routes heading Bangalore to Coorg. We have booked car and selected Bangalore Maddur  Srirangapattana on the way we saw lots of picturesque views and we reach Coorg where We had done our booking in hotel orange country. After reaching hotel we rest and after that had our breakfast and heading to place

Bangalore to Coorg

Places to Visit in Coorg


  • Abbey fall-Abbey fall is 9 km far from the town of medikeri. A narrow road twisted through the green through the dense foliage of beautiful coffee plantation,stocky coffee bushed and spice estates with tree tangled with pepper vines lead to Abbey Falls. The falls were earlier called Jessi Falls named after the British officer wife.While walking toward the Abbey fall you will be able to hear a gushing water cascading down a rock gorge. You can also stand on hanging bridge built across the gorge that offers the spectacular view of FallBangalore to Coorg-Abbay fall.abbey-fall-1
  • Raja’s Seat- Raja’s seats is a seasonal garden of flowers and artificial fountain and famous for sunset point.It was one of the famous platforms from which the king of Coorg enjoys the glorious sunset. the timing is 5:30 AM to 8 PM and musical fountain starting timing is 7 PM.raja_seat-Bangalore to Coorg raja-1

Day 2

  • Golden Temple– Namdroling Monastery also known as locally known as “Golden Temple” situated over the small hill settlement called “Bylakuppe”.  Temple gets this name because of the golden painting above the monastery. Temple does not look so vast from the outside but ones you enter inside the temple its look very grand and natural, and it is mandatory t maintain silent inside the temple.golden-temple-Bangalore to Coorg golden-temple-Bangalore to Coorg
  • golden-temple-Bangalore to Coorg

golden-templeBangalore to Coorg

  • Tadiandamol Peak– It is the highest mountain of Kodagu District and its a third highest peak of Karnataka. One of the most beautiful ,through the less known trek in Karnataka. you will get the beautiful view.
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  • Chelavara Falls – Finally we went to Chelavara falls. It is natural waterfall formed by the small stream, a tribute of Kaveri Chey yan Dane village which is on Vijay Perth. I went there at monsoon . Fall was in full glory with flora and fauna. Entire place is covered with greenery and fall is so beautiful and its 100 ft deep and water was so clean .chevala-peak

And after finishing, we have done some shopping and leave for Bangalore. I have tried as much as detail is possible. Hope it is useful to plan your journey.

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